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I wanted to look after crocodiles. I finished up running a website instead!

Hi, my name is Martin Peters and I'm the owner of this website. I'm still not really sure how.

20 years ago, as a young student, I visited Darwin in Australia. I was particularly taken by a baby crocodile that I was introduced to; I'm not sure if my initial interest was in the crock or in a beautiful young lady who was holding it! I was allowed to hold this lovely young reptile for a while and even put my fingers into it's jaws; not all that brave really considering that it was only around six inches long at the time! No doubt that cute little beastie is now a frightening monster of 15 feet long which could chew my arm off in a split second but I never thought about that at the time. I was hooked. I was going to study, and look after, crocodiles and alligators for the rest of my life.

That dream lasted precisely one day. My then girlfriend (who is now my wife Irene) thought that this was the most hilarious suggestion she had ever heard. She backed up her viewpoint by showing me some articles on what was called a message board, which was kept somewhere out in cyberspace on a new medium called 'The Internet'. Fickle as ever, I was hooked yet again!

Together with a bunch of college friends I investigated further and found out that there was money to be made by buying and selling domain names. Together we bought up a whole stack of very desirable ones; and then we found out that they were completely unsaleable because just about no one we knew was in the slightest bit interested in the World Wide Web. When they became due for renewal we let almost all of them lapse but sold a few at a slight profit, most of which (being young students) we spent on sensible things such as beer, wine and, well, more beer.

Had we kept those domains for another few years until the demand for dotcoms went hysterical we would all have been able to retire on the proceeds, as rich as Croesus!

However that is all water under the bridge. Apart from running a small design studio part time I now teach computer science to secondary school students. I never tell them about my dream of being a crocodile carer; I have my street cred to think about.

This website is my hobby and if I manage to make some money out of it that would be great. Hope you are having a good day.
Best wishes

Oh and by the way; if you want to get in touch with me it would be great to hear from you. you can write to me at Martin Peters Developments, Cinnamon House, Cinnamon Park, Crab Lane, Fearnhead, Warrington, Cheshire, WA2 0XP, e-mail me at martin (at) or send me a text message on 07395749325 from the UK. look forward to hearing from you.

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